Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank You Parents!

Thank You! from Ms. Svoboda

Monday, October 8, 2012

The MEAP and My Animation/Film Class

My new 8th grade animation/film class students were challenged to have some fun creating motivational videos for the MEAP (Michigan Educational Assessment Program).  The students absolutely hate MEAP time because it's a series of tests.  Everyone gets stressed out about testing and most students would rather do without it.  I have six groups of students in this class.  They had just under two weeks to complete their videos.  One group was ready to quit my class on day one because they HATE the MEAP.  I went home and brainstormed how to use that negative energy.....Hence the "Ten Things We Hate About the MEAP" was born.  The boys ended up having so much fun and I think they learned to trust their teacher.  It wasn't difficult for them to come up with ten things they hate about the MEAP.  Another group created a rap which I think is totally clever.  The videos range from animations to film.  Have fun watching them.