Sunday, October 20, 2013

Creating Art for My Art Classroom

I am always trying to get my students motivated to create art.  I think the best way to do this is by creating art myself.  Over the summer I created some artworks to hopefully inspire them in some way.  I have always used these to decorate my classroom to try and dispel the cold, ugly look of the painted walls.  So here are some artworks that can be found in my room that are used to inpsire my students.

I am always trying to motivate students to be their best.  I feel they have the power to become whatever they choose, hopefully someone that is productive and positive.
This poster was created a couple of years ago at vistaprint.  I highly recommend the website for their prices and usability.

With this little drawing, I am just trying to get students to think about their compostions.  How are they using the space?
 This came out after a college student that I used to have in art at the middle school posted on her Facebook page, "Earth without art is just "Eh."  I had never read that before but I thought it was cute and so true.  When I looked online to find art that had that statement I didn't find much so I created my own on a canvas  because I knew my students would enjoy it.
The color on this upload is a bit off but this was just for fun.
 This was created to inspire students to focus on their behavior while in art class.
 This was to help students think about developing their skills in art class.
 I find that many middle school girls love fairies so I wanted to inspire them to create.
 Even the "chill out zone" can be a place to find inspiration in my classroom.
 I created this painting to showcase our mission statement.  After it was created I had my students paint one for every classroom at my school.  They are all different and inspirational.
 Clustered here is an eclectic grouping made from a friend, a student, and myself.  All of course can hopefully inspire some of my students.
 This summer I decided to create an art class bill of rights because in our maddening, testing, world I think artists need to unite and know that being creative is a wonderful thing.
 Enough said,  I want my students' imaginations to go wild and lead them wherever they can find a place to be creative.
 Art can be simple but say a lot and I want my students to always look for the bright spots in their art.
 This was made by a student of mine.  It was an idea of course pilfered from the Internet and Pinterest.
 Imagination is where it is at.  If you cannot use your imagination, you are probably doomed to be very boring.
 I always find inspiration from other artists including Laurel Burch.  I love the shimmer of metallic paints as well. I just wanted my students to understand blending and layering with this one.
 This was purchased at a family reunion to help raise money for the next family reunion.  I bought it to inspire my students.  It is large and very fun.
This is what greets my students when they come into my artroom.  I believe it takes a village to raise a child and I am an important part of the village of Sturgis.
 Learning is what it is all about.  I teach and hope my students learn something from me.  I am always learning from my students.
Hopefully, seeing some of the artworks in my room will inspire someone else to create art.

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